Q60 Versatile Merge Label Applicator

Q60 label applicator is a high performance labeling head commonly used in demanding applications that require 24-7 dependability.  The remote electronics allow us to seamlessly integrate this head into all of our cabinet base systems. The modular design and panel mounted electronics make the Q60 ideal for Quadrel’s rotary, high speed in-line or custom systems.


  • 16″ label unwind capacity
  • 7″ web width standard (10″ version optional)
  • Integrated fan cooled electronics
  • High torque micro stepping label drive motor
  • Anti-Static web path
  • 4 to 1 label unwind web path
  • 2 to 1 waste rewind web path
  • Remote Electronics with sealed junction box and connectors
  • Choice of Servo or Stepper label drive motor
  • Hydraulic waste rewind clutch
  • Pivoting Peel plate
  • Integrated mounting yoke


  • Intelligent stepper or servo label drive
  • Encoder-based speed compensation (with optional encoder)
  • Pivoting peel plate for maximum flexibility
  • Rugged stainless steel & aluminum construction
  • Precision sealed bearings
  • Outboard supported drive yoke for long-term reliability and consistent web tracking
  • Dependable performance in harsh environments
  • 16” (406mm) label unwind for less frequent roll changes
  • Optical label detection sensor
  • Adjustable hydraulic waste rewind clutch
  • Integrated fan-cooled electronics
  • Fatal fault relay interface
Speed Conservatively rated at 2200″ per minute
Accuracy +/-1/32″