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Quadrel Labeling Systems has a long and rich history in the pressure sensitive label application market. Our start goes all the way back to the very early days of what was then new emerging technology

Quadrel came into existence a few years after Stan Avery invented the concept of Pressure sensitive adhesive in a basic peel and stick format. Mr. Avery knew that he could not hold this exciting new technology exclusively.  Although Avery Label was growing and quite successful he began getting requests from printers across the country for unprinted pressure sensitive base material. In the mid 1950’s he started a spin off company he named Fasson (Fasten-on).

Fasson came into existence to sell unprinted pressure sensitive base material to established printers originally in sheet form and soon after in rolls.

Further it soon became obvious that if this new technology was going to make in road into prime labeling a delivery system would need to be invented to allow Pressure sensitive as a main stream product decoration technology.

At this point in time the early 1960’s in when Fasson machine systems (now Quadrel Labeling Systems) came into existence.

Initially these label application machines were simple and used primarily in dairy and simple food applications.

As the many advantages of Pressure sensitive technology became more known Fasson began to pick up momentum. This all took place up until the late 1970’s.

One of the first big events that propelled Fasson machine systems to national prominence was unfortunately the Tylenol scare of 1982. This was when in the metropolitan Chicago area several people died as a result of cyanide capsules being added to containers of Tylenol.

Fasson machine Systems designed and built a tamper evident labeling system. This system applied a non-removable label to cartons or containers of over the counter medication that would show immediate evidence if it had been tampered with.

Fasson Machine Systems produced hundreds of these tamper evident systems for over the counter pharmaceutical manufacturers around the world.

Today, Quadrel proudly maintains a leadership position across the spectrum of the packaging industry.

Markets we serve

  • Beverage
  • Food
  • Personal Care
  • Nutraceutical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Automotive
  • Oil & Gas
  • Industrial

We offer vision Systems, product serialization, numerous inspection solutions, open architecture, PLC Controls, secure Ethernet connection allowing us to edit in real-time etc.

Our partners include

Rockwell automation (Allen-Bradley), Keyence, Cognex, VideoJet, Markem Imaje, Nidec, Applied Motion, Maple Systems, etc.

We moved into our new state-of –the –art facility at 7670 Jenther Dr. Mentor, Ohio in 1995. We have undergone two major expansions since then. All of our equipment is designed and built in this facility. Mentor is approximately 30 miles east of Cleveland, Ohio.

With a labeling system for every application from tabletop units to high speed rotary systems, we know that the most important step is listening carefully to you. Only after we understand your business as a partner are we able to provide you with a perfect labeling solution.

Quadrel Labeling Systems’ Partners

Providing a comprehensive, capable and elegant solution for our customers often requires the products and support of multiple suppliers. Quadrel is proud to partner with some of the most respected and recognized companies affiliated with our industry.

Quadrel is a Connected Company

Quadrel has a culture structured to continually learn and adapt to a changing marketplace. With our Connected Company, Quadrel can distribute information and control very quickly. Imagine your Company with machinery connected to other machines and IT systems.  Now imagine how efficient Connected Manufacturing can really be…


PLC Controls and Color Touchscreen Human Machine Interface.


Do-It Corporation Hang Tabs

Cognex Machine Vision Systems

Cognex Machine Vision Systems
Vision systems and vision sensors for factory automation.

Videojet Industrial Coding and Marking Systems

Videojet Industrial Coding and Marking Systems
Suppliers of industrial coding, marking, laser and inkjet equipment.

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Vision systems for factory automation

Markem Imaje USA

Markem Imaje USA
Suppliers of industrial coding, marking, laser and inkjet equipment.

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Nidec Corporation
Servo drives, motors for applicators and product handling components.

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric
Frequency drives for product handling.

Lueze Electronic

Lueze Electronic
Sensors for numerous applications.

Igus, inc.

Igus, inc.
Specialty components, mechanical slides and mounting hardware.

Igus, inc.

Sensors, measuring systems, laser markers, microscopes, and machine vision systems.