Rotary Labeling System with Product Orientation

This advanced labeling system combines a heavy duty 14-platform rotary base and Quadrel’s high speed label applicators to create a product decoration system unsurpassed in accuracy, reliability and performance. This package requires label registration to an embossed glass container. This is achieved by spinning the container by friction plate until it locks into position by pin lug. The label is then applied in a consistent position on each container at a rate of 250-300 PPM.

This system features two servo driven applicators for zero downtime uninterrupted label supply. The system also features environmentally sealed controls due to the harsh environment. Quadrel rotary systems are available in many base diameters and platform configurations, accommodating virtually any speed requirement. Also available in combination with cold-glue applications.

  • 14 Bottle Platforms
  • Full electrical integration with color touchscreen
  • Servo labeling heads
  • Pneumatic retract labeling head supports
  • Pin Lug bottle spotting platforms
  • Choice of mechanical, or servo controlled bottle platforms
  • Full safety guarding with interlock
  • Choice of Allen Bradley or low cost microprocessor controls
  • Infeed and outfeed bank control sensors with integrated stop gate
  • Feed-screw, star-wheel, and main carousel jam detection

These systems are also available with Pin Lug, IV or Side Lug bottle spotting orientation methods.  With optional Servo controlled Bottle Platforms, optical spotting is also available.

SKU B14-7
Speed 300 bpm
Accuracy 1/32″
Max Product Height 14″
System Length 10′ or consult factory