With a Connected Factory, in a Connected World, Smart Machinery can be part of your Smart Organization just like a Smart Engineered Quadrel Labeling System. Imagine logging into your company Big Data System and getting “pushed” a report of units shipped, current production rates on all your lines, maintenance due this week/ next week/ next month; imagine a connected world where you can do just that from your cell phone and having your machinery provide this data. It’s nearly here; Industry 4.0 is evolving very rapidly and Quadrel is implementing this strategy and evolving as Industry 4.0 takes hold globally.


Smart Organization:

In a smart organization, there are clear strategies at all management levels that provide useful guidance for decision making. These strategies are clearly linked to the next level’s strategy. Each lower level strategy interprets and carries out the implementation of a higher-level strategy. Smart Organizations need measured data and facts so all levels of management can implement their mission.
In an ideal Connected Smart Organization, data is reported to the company Big Data System from the employees, machinery, customers, suppliers, weather reports, even the company utilities. Quadrel understands what it means to be a Smart Organization and that is why we design our systems to integrate into your organization. As Industry 4.0 evolves, a connected Quadrel will provide pertinent data to your Big Data System automatically and 24-7.


Smart Engineering:

On site support from the beginning of the project until your first production run is critical to the success of the project. Our Design Team has the ability to visualize the correct solution and they have the flexibility in implementation to support any hurtles that might impede the success of the project installation.
Our Engineering team provides on-site support with comprehensive technical experience pertinent to the implementation of the project. Our Engineer’s follow a collaborative approach to work with you in every step of the way. Smart Engineering provides the experience you need to ensure the success in your labeling project.
In addition, Quadrel’s Engineering team designs our systems to connect to your organization’s Big Data System. From Sensors to Servos to Touchscreens, a Quadrel system is engineered to not only perform now but for many years; our customer’s grow into our systems.


Smart Machinery:

With the evolution of Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), machinery needs to be connected with production and maintenance data readily available. Our Techline, Proline, even our Printer Applicator products are Smart and ready to connect to your Big Data system.
Industry 4.0 is revolutionary and requires embracing a multitude of technologies and ideas that will have a massive impact on your company. With the emergence of 5G, Quadrel is ready to connect a modular 5G modem to our systems machinery network. Imagine connecting to your labeling machine with your cell phone; it is here and soon it will be faster with 5G.


Smart Factory Automation:

Smart machinery is fascinating. Machines speed up and slow down based on decisions the machinery make. Connected machines with readily available data files make this possible. Quadrel’s Techline and Proline products collect and can report this data on your Big Data network so other machinery can make decisions based on facts.
Smart Factory Automation improves production numbers, reduces downtime, keeps up with maintenance, and allows your company to forecast. You don’t have to look hard to see that Quadrel produces really Smart Machinery to fit into your Smart Factory.


Smart Services:

Smart services are totally different from the old service contract/ agreements of the past. They are preemptive rather than reactive; they are actually “Proactive.” Preemptive means maintenance and repairs are based upon hard data reported from connected smart machinery; imagine your maintenance team can launch a preemptive strike to head off hours of down-time. Smart services are based upon actual reported data that a machine component is about to fail, that a machine is drawing too much power, that a customer’s supply of consumables is about to be depleted.
Smart Services are here and with IIoT and a connected Quadrel System, your Smart Organization can take advantage of the preemptive strike on downtime