EconoLine Hang Tab Label Applicator System for Flat Products

Applying Hang Tabs requires specific Tab Handling and Application Techniques. Quadrel has several years of experience dispensing and applying Do-It Brand hang tabs to a variety of consumer products.
From Flat to Cylindrical surfaces. Quadrel can design a system for your application.

All Quadrel Labeling Systems are designed for moderate to high volume hang tab applications. Products can be transferred automatically or hand loaded. Speeds of 100 packages per minute are entirely possible with a Quadrel System. With encoder based speed synchronization, digital controls, and digital positioning scales, repeatable Tab application precision should be expected.

All our systems are compact and come with castors and adjustable leveling pads so the systems can be either left “In-Line” or “wheeled in place” as needed. With a choice of Stainless Steel or Painted Frames, accommodating a corrosive, wet, or harsh environment is part of the design.


  • Q105 Intelligent Stepping Motor Labeling Head
  • 16” Diameter roll Unwind Capacity
  • 6” ID Core Standard
  • Digital Hang-Tab Detect Sensor
  • 20 Programmable Presets for repeatable product changeovers
  • Choice of Encoder or Time Based Speed Synchronization
  • 5/8” side plate construction for consistent web tracking
  • Simple Web path for ease of threading
  • U-Mount style head mount with 4 axis for precise positioning
  • Castors and Leveling Pads
  • No Crevice food grade welded frame
  • Scaled adjustments for quick, accurate, repeatable setup’s
  • Designed, Built, and Serviced in the USA