Quadrel craft beer, wine and distilled spirits labeling systems are machines specifically designed for a range of glass / plastic bottles and cans that have the ability to apply front/ back labels, wrap labels and/or neck labels.

craft-brewery labeling system

Designed for craft breweries, the EconoLine wrap labeling system features microprocessor control, stepper driven applicator and stainless steel construction. This system is capable of labeling beer bottles at speeds up to 120 bottles per minute.

This high speed non-stop zero downtime labeling system features servo driven product handling, all overhead electronics, Ethernet connection providing real time system status, & Allen-Bradley® PLC control color touchscreen HMI.

The TechLine PET beverage labeling system aligns and squares thin walled containers, allowing minimal label skew, high production rates of up to 175 bottles per minute, and is ideal for medium-sized bottled water packagers.

Bottle wine liquor and beer labeling system

This rotary labeling system is designed for beer, wine or distilled spirits glass containers at speeds up to 200 bottles per minute. Featuring Allen-Bradley PLC control, AB PanelView color touchscreen and programmable bottle platforms.

Wine Bottle labeling system

This system utilizes Allen Bradley PLC control and trap and spin orientation. It has the ability to over label or apply new labels with export specified information,  directly over existing labels on wine and distilled spirit bottles.

Vac Wrap Wine Bottle Labeler

This wine labeling system is designed specifically for the needs of mobile bottling lines, wine oriented contract packagers and medium size wineries.  The vacuumized wrap station allows front/back labels to be applied to round glass bottles at speeds up to 160ppm.

Iron Heart 2020 Q105

This is a rugged, compact, economically priced mobile labeling system is designed specifically for beer cans or bottles. Built for mobility, this machine features custom leg jacks and larger castors. Other features include stainless steel construction, PLC control and color touchscreen operator interface. Speeds up to 50 cans per minute.

Wine and distilled spirits labeler

This unique labeling system utilizes an Allen Bradley PLC control to apply an oriented neck label to wine or distilled spirits containers, as part of a three-label package (front, back and neck). This is ideal for round, square and oval containers.