Quadrel offers a complete line of heavy duty, technically advanced print & apply labeling systems.  Our printer applicators feature Allen Bradley PLC control and color touchscreen operator interface.

The modular design allows a choice of 8 different applicator modules, including top, side, leading and trailing corner wrap, adjacent side and pallet labeling.  As well as a choice of thermal transfer print engine (Sato, Zebra and Datamax).

Conquer Your Warehouse Woes with Quadrel’s Print and Apply RFID Printers!

Imagine a world where your warehouse runs like clockwork. No more scrambling to find products, no more misplaced inventory, and no more wasted time with manual labeling. This dream can become reality with print and apply RFID printers from Quadrel Labeling Systems!

What are Print and Apply RFID Printers?

Think of a print and apply RFID printer as a super-powered teammate for your warehouse. These amazing machines combine two tasks into one:

  • Printing: Using clever technology, the printer creates crisp, clear labels with all your important product information.
  • Applying: With a gentle touch, a robotic arm precisely places the labels on your products, every single time.

How Do Print/Apply RFID Printers Work?

Here’s a sneak peek at the magic behind these machines:

  1. Data Download: The printer gets all the information it needs about your products from your warehouse management system (WMS) – kind of like a super-smart brain!
  2. Label Creation: With fancy printing methods, the printer creates high-quality labels that contain not only writing you can read, but also special tags that machines can understand! These tags are called RFID tags, and they hold important details about your products.
  3. Label Application: A handy robotic arm carefully places the labels on your products, ensuring they’re in the perfect spot every time.

Top 5 Questions About Print/Apply RFID Printers Answered by Quadrel!

At Quadrel Labeling Systems, we understand you might have questions about these helpful machines. So, let’s tackle the top 5!

1. Why Should I Use These Printers?

There are many reasons why print and apply RFID printers are a game-changer for warehouses. Here are a few key benefits:

  • Faster Speeds: No more waiting around for labels to be printed and applied by hand. These printers are super quick, saving you valuable time.
  • Fewer Mistakes: Since machines do the work, there’s less chance of human error. This means your labels will always be accurate and in the right spot.
  • Smarter Tracking: The special RFID tags in the labels allow you to track your inventory with ease. Imagine knowing exactly where each product is in your warehouse, instantly!
  • Cost Savings: By saving time and reducing errors, print and apply RFID printers can help you save money in the long run.
  • Smoother Operations: These printers work seamlessly with your existing WMS, creating a more streamlined workflow for your warehouse.

2. What Kind of Labels Do Print and Apply RFID Printers Use?

Print and apply RFID printers use special labels that have tiny chips embedded within them. These chips, called RFID tags, store information about your products, like a secret code! The printer writes this code onto the tag so that special scanners can read it and tell you all about the product.

3. What Different Types of Print and Apply RFID Printers Are There?

The world of print and apply RFID printers is full of variety! Here are a few common types to consider:

  • Case and Pallet Labeling: These powerhouse printers are built for speed, tackling large boxes and pallets with ease.
  • Wraparound Labeling: Got oddly shaped products like pipes or tubes? These printers can handle them with their special wraparound labeling abilities.
  • Corner Wrap Labeling: For labels that need to be seen clearly, corner wrap printers place them perfectly on the edge of boxes.

4. How Much Do Print and Apply RFID Printers Cost?

The price of a print and apply RFID printer depends on a few things, like how fast it is, what kind of printing technology it uses, and how fancy the applying features are. Generally, they range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. However, the investment in a print and apply RFID printer can quickly pay for itself through increased efficiency and reduced errors.

5. How Do I Choose the Right Printer for My Business?

Picking the perfect printer is all about finding the one that fits your needs best. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Labeling Volume: How many labels will you be printing each day or week?
  • Label Needs: What size and type of labels do your products require?
  • Speed Requirements: How quickly do you need labels printed and applied?
  • WMS Integration: Does the printer need to work with your current warehouse management system?

Ready to Unleash the Power of Print and Apply RFID Printers?

If you’re looking to streamline your warehouse operations and gain real-time insights into your inventory, print and apply RFID printers might be the perfect solution for your business. At Quadrel Labeling Systems, we’re experts in helping businesses choose the right printer for their needs. We offer a wide variety of print and apply RFID printers to suit any budget and application. Contact Quadrel Labeling Systems today for a free consultation and let us help you unlock the potential of these amazing machines!