Quadrel offers a complete line of label applicators, from simple, economically priced to high speed servo driven label applicators with dispensing speeds over 5,000″ per minute.

Q110 Labeling Head

The Q110 stepper driven applicator is a simple, rugged labeler designed for moderate speeds and 24/7 reliability.   Features include microprocessor control with flash memory and built-in on-board electronics.  The built-in controls make the Q110 ideal for a wide variety of applications.

Labeling Head

The Q120 Stepper Driven applicator is a rugged proven labeler designed for moderately high speeds and reliability in the harshest environments.  Additional features include a color touch screen HMI and Allen Bradley PLC control. The modular design makes the Q120 great for a variety of applications.

Labeling Head

The Q125 Servo Driven applicator is a technically advanced labeling solution featuring closed loop servo controlled web handling.  This feature provides very precise applied accuracy at very high production rates.  Additional features include color touch screen HMI and Allen Bradley PLC control.

Q160 Labeling Head

The Q160 Servo Driven applicator is the ultimate high speed, heavy duty labeling solution offered by Quadrel. Features include a cam operated powered rewind and optional “air box” powered unwind.  These innovative features, along with the intelligent servo drive,  deliver extremely high speeds and unparalleled accuracy.

compact-modular labeler

The E100 is an economically-priced, technically advanced, and compact applicator. The E100’s modular and versatile construction proves to be the labeling head of choice for Quadrel’s Tabletop and EconoLine® product lines. The E100 is capable of a variety of simple low production rate labeling applications.

air-blow labeling system

This high-speed air-blow applicator is capable of speeds up to 300 products per minute with +/-1/32” accuracy. It features self-contained controls, stepper driven label drive and peel tip sensing. This is the ideal labeling system for demanding applications that require versatile, reliable operation.