Pharmaceutical Labeling Systems for Vials and Ampules

Quadrel’s pharmaceutical grade labeling machines feature full validation package, high speed servo driven label applicators, Allen Bradley PLC, color touchscreen HMI and vision system.

pharmaceutical labeling system

This technically advanced vial and ampule labeler is serialization-ready, designed specifically for the needs of tier 1 pharmaceutical companies. Features include laser imprinting of date and lot codes, vision system and full validation package. Additional features include Allen Bradley PLC control, PanelView color touchscreen, servo driven applicators.

Proline Inline Labeling System

This is Quadrel’s premium inline pharmaceutical labeling system and features environmentally protected overhead controls, full vision system, Allen Bradley PLC, PanelView color touchscreen, as well as servo driven applicators and product handling. Additional features include internationally compliant guarding and stainless steel construction.

Vertical Roller 2022

The TechLine PET beverage labeling system aligns and squares thin walled containers, allowing minimal label skew, high production rates of up to 175 bottles per minute, and is ideal for medium-sized bottled water packagers.

High speed vial labeling system

This custom pharmaceutical labeling system features rotary infeed tray and product accumulation system.  It is designed specifically for small diameter glass vials at speeds up to 300 products per minute.  Additional features include full vision system, Allen Bradley PLC control, PanelView color touchscreen and validation package.

Pharmaceutical Labeling Systems for Syringes

Quadrel offers both a high speed labeling system for syringes as well as a hand loaded unit with on-demand printing. The high speed system is available with a full compliment of options required for tier one pharmaceutical manufacturers. The hand loaded system was designed specifically for pilot facilities conducting pharmaceutical research

High speed Pharmaceutical labeling system for syringes

This custom horizontal wraparound labeling system has been designed specifically for use with pharmaceutical syringes. Capable of labeling unstable, small diameter vials and ampules. Speed rating on this system is up to 300ppm depending on product. Additional features include Allen Bradley Compact or Control Logix PLC, Panelview color touchscreen HMI, Servo driven label drive, Markem or Video jet thermal transfer printer and full vision system with eject.