Quadrel utilizes a variety of wipe down devices capable of labeling multiple panels on a single product.

High-Speed 3-Panel Steak Sauce Application

3-Panel Peanut Container Application

3-Panel Pretzel Container Application

2-Panel Feedscrew Orienting Application on Small Box

2-Panel Top & Trailing Edge Corner Wrap on Small Carton

3-Panel Zero Downtime Labeling System on Bakery Container

3-Panel Application for Plastic Square Nut Container

3-Panel Application on Glass Steak Sauce Containers

3-Panel & Bottom Apply on Glass Liquor Bottle

3-Panel Zero Downtime Labeling System for Large Plastic Containers

Front / Back , Wrap & 3-Panel Application on Various Glass Jars

High Speed Pharmaceutical Labeling System for Wrap & 3-Panel applications featuring an eject station (Label verification on product)

5-Panel Application on Bakery / Ingredients Container