What to Know About Labeling Cannabis Products

What to Know About Labeling Cannabis Products

An increasing number of states have enacted laws allowing for various forms of cannabis use, including medicinal and adult (recreational) use. In states where cannabis is legal, each jurisdiction establishes its own set of regulations governing the production, distribution and labeling of cannabis products. These regulations can differ significantly. For growers and dispensaries, ensuring cannabis products are compliant involves paying close attention to labeling.

What should go on your cannabis product label?

Although each state has different labeling requirements, this study found some common elements. The researchers investigated cannabis product labeling requirements across 31 U.S. states with medical cannabis programs, and found that states are most likely to require these elements:

  • Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content: THC is the psychoactive compound in cannabis responsible for the “high” sensation. States commonly require the inclusion of THC content on cannabis product labels.
  • Manufacturer contact information: Labels must include contact information for the manufacturer or distributor.
  • Batch numbers: Batch numbers are unique identifiers assigned to each production batch of cannabis products. Including batch numbers on labels enables manufacturers to track and trace products throughout the supply chain.
  • Health risks: Labeling requirements often mandate the inclusion of health risk information associated with cannabis consumption. This may include warnings about potential side effects, interactions with other substances or risks associated with specific consumption methods.
  • Production tracking: Labels may be required to include information related to production tracking, such as manufacturing or packaging dates. This helps ensure product freshness and quality control.
  • Cannabis symbol: Many states mandate the inclusion of a standardized cannabis symbol on product labels. This symbol serves as a visual indicator that the product contains cannabis and helps distinguish cannabis products from other goods in the market.
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) content: In addition to THC content, labels often need to disclose the CBD content of cannabis products. CBD is another prominent compound in cannabis with potential therapeutic effects.
  • Children disclaimers: To prevent accidental ingestion by children, labels may be required to include prominent disclaimers advising consumers to keep the product out of reach of children.
  • Impairment disclaimers: Given the psychoactive effects of THC, labels commonly include disclaimers warning consumers about potential impairment. These disclaimers may advise against activities requiring alertness or coordination after consuming cannabis products.

Although you’ll need to research state-specific labeling requirements, plan to include most, if not all of the elements above.

Which labeling system is right for my cannabis products?

Investing in customizable, on-demand labeling systems can help cannabis businesses navigate retail challenges efficiently. The key features to target in your labeling system are scalability and intuitiveness. Scalability ensures flexibility to adjust labels as needed. Intuitive touchscreen interfaces and quick changeover times streamline operations, enabling easy adjustments to labels as requirements evolve.

One of the best labeling solutions for cannabis and CBD products are Quadrel’s EconoLine wrap labeling system, which is ideal for applying single labels on round containers. Its “no tool” product changeover feature facilitates quick adjustments to packaging. Additionally, our top/bottom labeling systems are great for shrink-wrapped products like edibles. Finally, for tamper-proofing or full-body labeling needs, the Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator SL90 provides high-speed, precise labeling with user-friendly operation, making it suitable for demanding production environments.

To learn more about Quadrel’s labeling solutions and to determine which is labeling machine is best for your needs, reach out to our team today.