What Bottle Labeling Machine Is Right for Your Business?

What Bottle Labeling Machine Is Right for Your Business?

Are you trying to find the best way to label your bottled products, but you don’t know the first thing about bottle labeling machines? Consider the following: 

What Type of Bottles Are You Labeling?

Certain machines are suitable for certain types of bottles. The best machine for your specific bottle will be based mostly on their size and shape, as well as a few other factors. 

For example, if you’re bottling beer, water, or sports drinks, then the EconoLine Wrap Labeling System may be the best option for you. But if you’re looking to bottle wine or spirits, you’re going to need a machine that can accommodate larger bottles, such as the High Speed Rotary Labeling System.

What Type of Labels Do You Need? 

There’s a wide variety of labels used on bottles. Deciding what type of label you require will help to determine the machine you’re going to need.

For example, if you need wrap labels for sports drinks, water bottles, or beer bottles, consider the previously mentioned EconoLine Wrap Labeling System. If you’re in need of neck labels for your wine or distilled spirit bottles, the Front/Back/Neck and Wrap Labeling System is your answer.   

What Volume Are You Working With?

The amount of bottles you need labeled and how quickly you need to get the job done are major factors in determining which labeling machine you’re going to want. Some machines, such as the EconoLine Wrap Labeling System, can label 100 bottles per minute, while others work much faster than that. For example, the ProLine High Speed PET Beverage Labeling System can produce more than 300 labeled products per minute.  

Do you need help determining which bottle labeling machine is right for your business? Contact Quadrel Labeling Systems today, and we’ll be glad to answer all of your questions!