Find the Right Labeling System for Your Household Product Line

Find the Right Labeling System for Your Household Product Line

Household product lines can present unique labeling challenges. Many household products are hazardous, corrosive or unusually shaped. Fortunately, Quadrel’s technologically advanced, efficient labeling systems are up for the challenge.

We offer six different labeling machines specifically designed with household products in mind. Our machines can handle your product line with ease, at speeds up to 480 products per minute. Read on for tips on how to choose the right machine for the job.

Special considerations when labeling household products

Your specific labeling needs may vary, depending on the product type, size and packaging. However, there are certain factors everyone must consider when choosing a labeling system:

  • Durability: A labeling machine isn’t just a matter of convenience. For most manufacturers and packagers, they’re an absolute necessity. Quality and durability should be your top priority. After all, when your labeling system breaks down, it can disrupt production. Furthermore, the corrosive nature of many household products can damage machinery when packages break. We offer long-lasting, efficient machines that can handle any household product you manufacture: for instance, our All Stainless Steel Harsh Environment Labeling System was specifically designed to stand up to bleach, abrasives and other harsh products. Purchasing a quality system ensures that you’ll avoid downtime, repairs and other inconveniences.
  • Precision: Many household products require multiple labels, such as promotional, informational and security labels. The more labels to apply, the greater the room for error. Quadrel’s labeling systems are designed to deliver precise label application, whether you’re turning out 50 or 250 products per minute. Whether you choose our from our affordable EconoLine, a TechLine Front/Back Inline Labeling System or another of our household product options, you’ll always get perfectly applied labels with impressive speed.
  • Irregular shape: Household products can include irregularly shaped containers, from tubes to bottles. When your products demand unusual packaging, we have plenty of solutions. For example, many manufacturers opt for shrink-sleeve labeling systems. The labels conform to fit any package shape—and the design options are endless. Plus, the shrink sleeve protects the container, which helps avoid spills and breakage. These systems are a great way to label products and add tamper-evident seals at the same time.
  • Number of labels needed per product: When your products require multiple labels, you’ll need a machine that can apply those labels efficiently. Finding a system that can apply multiple labels in one line can save significant time. Our team is happy to advise you as to which of our labeling system options can boost production without sacrificing design, quality or time.

Investing in the perfect Quadrel labeling system will pay dividends. No matter what your business’s size and scope may be, our systems are designed to operate flawlessly, even in harsh environments. You’ll get years of reliable service every time you work with us.

Is it time to take your household product packaging to the next level? Reach out to Quadrel today to learn more about our products. We look forward to matching you with the right machine.