Industrial Environment? Try a Print and Apply Labeling System

Industrial Environment? Try a Print and Apply Labeling System

Industrial labels can be used to track products across the supply chain, where practical considerations like temperature, moisture or chemical resistance takes priority over aesthetic concerns. Industrial label applications require long-term legibility in physical environments that are often challenging, and the right print and apply labeling system can make it all happen. Here are some of the qualities to look for in a label manufacturer, as well as an introduction to the best systems for your applications.

What to look for in a labeling system manufacturer

As you search for the best labeling system for your industrial applications, here are the key elements you should consider:

  • Price: Price drives most purchasing decisions in the B2B space, so look for affordable solutions that meet your needs. Industrial label application systems should save you money, especially in high-volume applications. While industrial label applicators are a big investment, it’s much cheaper and more efficient in the long run rather than ordering labels from third-party vendors.
  • Quality: As you search for an industrial label system manufacturer, take a close look at how their products perform. The labels should withstand hot, cold, wet or high-traffic environments. The printer-applicator system should also withstand the extreme conditions of an industrial setting.
  • Capabilities: Industrial labeling systems allow you to print on-demand labels for any application. From barcode labels to safety labels, arc flash labels and more, you’ll enjoy the ability to print labels whenever you need them, in the exact volume you need. Look for an industrial labeling system that can meet all your unique needs, including custom or irregular sizes.

The best industrial labeling systems on the market

Now that you understand the criteria to look for in an industrial labeling system, get to know the best models on the market. Every Quadrel labeling system model below has special features like control and color touchscreens, rewind brake assemblies and swing-out air cylinders for easy operation:

  • High-speed corner wrap labeling system: For demanding applications like leading panel corner wraps, a high-speed corner wrap labeling system offers production rates of up to 30ppm.
  • Q34 labeling system: Featuring heavy-duty plate construction and easy-to-use controls, the Q34 print-applicator can handle the most demanding industrial applications with ease.
  • Q34 adjacent side labeling system: Rugged yet compact, this innovative print and apply labeling system contains many unique features that make it easy to apply two separate labels to cartons or boxes. It’s heavy-duty enough for even the most demanding industrial settings.
  • Q34 pallet labeling system: This system is specially designed for quick and easy pallet labeling. Print and apply side, top, leading edge or adjacent side labels with ease.
  • Q60 loose loop: The Q60 loose loop system blends print and apply with high-speed label application. Its innovative design separates the tasks of printing and applying, allowing for multiple labels to be printed without stopping.

Quadrel has the right labeling systems for any application, with applicators well suited for industrial environments. We’re ready to answer your questions so you can find the best system for your needs—reach out to Quadrel today for more information.