Labeling Systems for Your Cannabis and CBD Business

Labeling Systems for Your Cannabis and CBD Business

As a THC or CBD manufacturer, you need to make sure your products speak louder than the competition. However, you must also meet regulatory compliance standards. Quick, easy, on-demand labeling solutions help you do just that by allowing you to meet the retail labeling challenges of this rapidly growing industry. Here’s your guide to the best labeling systems for your cannabis or CBD business.

Features to look for in cannabis and CBD labeling systems

Whether you’re a cultivator, distributor or retailer, customizable, on-demand labels help your cannabis or CBD business stay on top of your game. As you’re searching for the right labeling system for your production line, here are some features to look for:

  • Scalable: The cannabis industry has plenty of moving parts, and you need flexibility in your labeling system to stay ahead. Look for systems that allow you to quickly prototype labels and easily update them as needed. Scalability allows you to create the right labels at the right volume, for your exact business needs.
  • Affordable: When you invest in custom labeling systems rather than preprinted bulk labels, you reduce waste and cut costs. Look for a system that allows you to print on the spot, in the exact volume you need.
  • Intuitive: The best cannabis labeling systems feature intuitive touchscreen operator panels for easy operation. Some systems feature digital PLC memory that allows for quick changeover times, so you can adjust labels quickly and easily.

Now that you understand what to look for in a cannabis/CBD labeling system, it’s time to get to know some of the best cannabis printing and labeling solutions.

Wrap labeling system

If you’re looking for a compact and economically priced labeling system for your cannabis or CBD products, the EconoLine system could be right for you. This model is specifically designed to apply single labels on round containers like jars, bottles, tin containers, plastic vials and more. If you want speed, this model has it, labeling up to 150 products per minute. One great feature is the “no tool” product changeover that allows you to easily make changes to your packaging when desired.

Top/bottom labeling system

If you produce or sell shrink-wrapped cannabis or CBD products, the top/bottom labeling system can make your job much easier. Featuring a split belt and two wipe-on applicators, this food-grade system is ideal for labeling edibles and other organic items.

Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator SL90

With speeds up to 100ppm, the SL90 is the most affordable tamper bander or full body sleever on the market. It’s incredibly fast, with application rates of up to 100 tamper bands per minute, or up to 50 full-body sleeves per minute, depending on the size of your products. Featuring two edges for precise cutting, a digital stepping motor, web handling and corrosion-resistant stainless-steel construction, the SL90 is the perfect choice for demanding applications that require moderate production rates, all with user-friendly operation.

Looking for the right labeling system for your cannabis and/or CBD company? Quadrel offers innovative solutions that help you build customer trust, track your product and—most importantly—meet compliance standards. Reach out to Quafrel today for more information.