How Automated Labeling Can Boost Your Production

How Automated Labeling Can Boost Your Production

As your business grows, hand-labeling products will become onerous and inefficient. Although you could hire more employees, over time, doing so can actually be more expensive than investing in a high quality Quadrel labeling system.

When the time is right to select the labeling system for your production line, you’ll likely choose between a semi-automatic or automatic labeling system. While both options will improve your overall efficiency, an automatic labeling system can take your production to the next level. Here’s why you should consider an automated labeling system.

Your need for speed

Semi-automatic labeling systems are slower that automatic systems for two reasons. First, the items must be loaded onto the machine one at a time, whereas automatic systems use conveyor belts and queuing to keep the process running smoothly.

Secondly, semi-automatic systems require an operator to use a button, switch or foot pedal to apply the label to every item as it moves through the system. Automatic systems are completely hands-off: the items move through the labeling system with the help of conveyors, rollers and other devices. Some machines can even reposition the item to apply multiple labels.

Automatic systems can label hundreds of products per hour, whereas semi-automatic machines may yield just under 100. If you expect your production needs to scale up in the coming years, an automatic machine is usually the better long-term investment.

Factor in the costs

Generally, semi-automatic labelers are less expensive than automatic labeling systems. However, keep in mind, factoring the cost of employees needed to operate the semi-automatic labeling systems, add up over time.

Labels and container considerations

It’s important to consider how many labels will be applied to your products, and whether your production line includes more than one container size or shape. Many semi-automatic labelers can handle one label or one container type at a time, thus requiring your workers to manually reposition containers or reconfigure the system.

In contrast, automatic labeling systems can apply multiple labels at one time, and depending on the model, may be able to handle multiple container types or sizes. Not only is this a more efficient use of time, but you’ll get more consistent results. The more human intervention required, such as manually repositioning bottles, the more room for error.

Space requirements

Finally, don’t forget to factor in how much space is available on the premises. Automatic labeling systems are ultimately more cost-effective, efficient and precise, but they also take up more space. If you’re working in a small area, you may not have room for an automatic labeling system. Semi-automatic machines are smaller, since they don’t include conveyor belts.

The bottom line

Ultimately, your labeling system should meet your ever-growing needs. While semi-automatic labelers can be a good compromise between manual labeling and an automatic system, automatic systems are worth the investment. Enjoy high speed, precise labeling and better efficiency with one of Quadrel’s automatic labeling systems.

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