How to Choose a Print & Apply Labeling System

How to Choose a Print & Apply Labeling System

Print & apply labeling systems enable companies to apply labels directly to products or packaging, regardless of shape or size. Choosing a quality labeling system is crucial to improving your manufacturing processes. The right print & apply labeling system can vastly improve production efficiency which results in a significant cost savings.

Fortunately, Quadrel Labeling Systems offers custom print & apply labeling systems. Our machines are designed to provide high quality and efficiency for many years to come.

These tips will help you understand what to look for when purchasing a new labeling system:

  • Flexible design: Some machines, like our Q34 printer applicator, employ multiple application modules. This is a flexible design choice that allows different application methods, including air tamp, air blow, tamp blow and wipe on. When producing and labeling multiple product lines, the ability to change the label application method, type and location is invaluable.
  • Intuitive controls: Print & apply labeling involves a lot of moving parts: the label must be printed, dispensed onto an applicator and applied at precise intervals. Look for machines that do the heavy lifting automatically, rather than one that requires significant operator participation. If your system includes a touchscreen control panel, choose one that offers simple, intuitive menus and troubleshooting information at the ready. This reduces your operator’s workload and makes it possible to fix issues before a bottleneck occurs.
  • Durability: A print & apply system can be a powerhouse, as long as you choose a high-quality machine. Whether your system has to label hundreds or thousands of products per hour, you can rely on Quadrel’s sturdy construction, innovative engineering and proven track record of excellence. Look for systems that utilize materials like stainless steel or aluminum plate. Check the moving parts: they should be shielded to protect workers. Finally, choose a print engine from a reputable manufacturer like Zebra or Sato, all of which are available through Quadrel.
  • Easy maintenance: When you want your machinery to last, durability is just one factor. It’s also important to pick a labeling system that’s easy to maintain. Regular maintenance is important to extend your system’s lifespan. The ideal machine is one that’s easy to disassemble and whose parts are widely available at a reasonable price. This makes it easier to replace rollers, drive belts and other worn parts as needed.
  • Cost-effective: Finally, your print & apply labeling system needs to work with your budget. Before you make your final selection, evaluate the cost of replacement parts, operation and maintenance over time. To maximize cost-effectiveness, pick a system that doesn’t require excessive scheduled downtime or operator labor.

Quadrel Labeling Systems makes it easy to find the right labeling system for your business. Select one of our print & apply labeling systems, or work with our engineering department to customize a labeling solution for you. Decades of industry expertise allows us to create efficient, durable and flexible machines for every labeling requirement. Call Quadrel today to learn more or to get a quote.