Benefits of Automatic Labeling Systems

Benefits of Automatic Labeling Systems

Every business has aspirations of becoming bigger and better.  However, is bigger always better? Bigger may mean more products sold, but at what cost? Manufacturing companies have to weigh technology against manpower, or do they? Implementing new technology can be a daunting task for any company.  Modifying production systems, added equipment costs, and staffing adjustments must all be carefully weighed.

The long-term benefits realized by enhanced production systems is sometimes blurred by the unknown and stymies growth. Companies who are growing in size but have not yet entertained the notion of implementing automated technologies are not growing better…. just bigger.  As a result, money is left on the table.  More products may be sold, but labor intensive, manual production lines breed inefficiency, longer consumer wait times, increased staffing requirements etc.

Investing in automated labeling systems produces greater efficiency and lower production costs over time.  More products can be sold, processed/labeled and shipped in less time… bigger is now better!

Is it time to upgrade to an automatic labeling system? Discover the benefits:

  • Improve production speed: 100 employees (or even 500 employees) manually labeling product is no match for an automated labeling system.  Automation does not mean undercutting the workforce.  Employees can be reassigned to areas that may be underserved, thereby further enhancing productivity and growth.
  • Boost accuracy: The fastest way to turn away a customer/buyer is with sloppy packaging and labeling.  Product packaging is a direct reflection on your business.  Manually labeling products is inconsistent at best, and error-prone at worst.  Automated labeling systems deliver consistent and precise product labeling at 10x the speed.
  • Reduce injury: The more people manually labeling products, the greater the risk of injury—including long term, repetitive stress injuries. When you use an automatic labeling system, you’re not only getting precision and speed, you’re promoting a safer work environment.
  • Improve flexibility: Changing labels and products no longer means shutting down an entire production line. Modifying label designs, dimensions, or placement can be accommodated efficiently using automated labeling systems
  • Increase control: Product output is all in your hands because Quadrel can customize a labeling system to your exact requirements.

It’s time to ensure your manufacturing processes can handle the demand. Automatic labeling machines will help you become bigger and better! When you’re ready to upgrade to an automated labeling system, call Quadrel Labeling Systems.