What to Know About Wraparound Labeling Systems

What to Know About Wraparound Labeling Systems

Wraparound labeling systems are a great way to distinguish your brand. They make attractive labels that apply evenly and securely around round containers. They also offer many advantages to food and pharmaceutical products with immense labeling requirements.

Here is what to know about these systems and why one may work for you.

What is a wraparound labeling system?

Think of every round thing you’ve ever handled: it could be a jar of face cream or peanut butter or a bottle of beer. All those items have labels, and a wraparound labeling system likely applied them.

A wraparound labeling system is machinery designed to apply labels to round objects at high speed. Since round items are often slippery and harder to label, these systems are excellent time and money savers.

Advantages of wraparound labeling systems

The system prints and applies the label in one step. Labels stick to any container, whether glass, plastic, metal, or cardboard. They are less complex than pick-and-place systems and are similar to shrink-wrap systems.

While wraparound labeling is common with round containers, it can work with any shape or size. The design allows more surface area to print graphics, descriptions, and FDA product labeling requirements. That feature makes the system popular with consumer products with strict labeling and warning requirements.

Wraparound labels are also popular with small items, like medicine vials. The FDA doesn’t care about product size when it comes to labeling requirements—you still must comply with labeling requirements—and these labels help ensure compliance with even the smallest containers.

Wraparound labels are more durable than shrink-wrap labels and less likely to rub off in shipping. This is due to their adhesives and resistance to temperature and abrasive conditions. If labels rub off during shipping, they can’t be resold since they are technically not complying with label requirements.

Which applications use wraparound labeling systems?

You can find wraparound labels in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Round bottles, including medicine and wine bottles, are excellent candidates for these systems. They also work as an excellent alternative to printed beer cans, which may be cost-prohibitive to a new brewery. You can also find them in a pharmacy printing prescription labels.

How do I choose a wraparound labeling system?

You want to consider label size and budget when you choose a system. Craft breweries love Quadrel’s econoline model for its affordability and time-saving elements when labeling beer cans and bottles. We also offer pharmaceutical-grade machines and several more complex systems for large manufacturing firms.

Before shopping, look at your containers carefully and see which ones you’re most likely to use at your facility. We understand that while certain industries like distilling usually only label one type of item, whereas pharmaceutical, food, and chemical enterprises may need several types. We design machines that can help address these concerns and help you plan for the future.

Quadrel can help you choose your next wraparound labeling system. Call us today to discuss your options or to design a custom machine.