Quadrel’s full line of rotary labeling machines are available with speed capabilities from 100-500 products per minute. All rotary labeling systems feature Allen-Bradley PLC, color touchscreen HMI and servo driven label applicators.

front-back-or-full-wrap-neck labeling system

Quadrel’s rotary labeling system combines world class product handling with technically advanced servo driven label applicators and Allen-Bradley PLC control. This product decoration system is unsurpassed in accuracy, reliability and performance.

rotary-with-product-orientation labeler

This high speed rotary labeling system from Quadrel features various product orientation technologies, including programmable platforms, pin and side lug orientation as well as air inflation for thin-walled containers.

front-back-neck-and-wrap labeler

Quadrel’s world class rotary labeling system is ideal for decorating the fronts, backs and necks of wine, champagne or distilled spirit bottles. Featuring a wide variety product orientation methods including pin and side-lug orientation.

high-speed-front-back labeling system

This Quadrel rotary labeling system is designed for production rates of up to 500 products per minute. Features include Allen-Bradley PLC control, AB PanelView color touch screen, programmable bottle platforms and servo driven label applicators.