Product Labeling Challenges and Quadrel Solutions

Product Labeling Challenges and Quadrel Solutions

Your product packaging is a true workhorse. From protecting the product to conveying important information to consumers, finding the right labels and packaging are crucial. Unfortunately, this can come with modern-day challenges.

Quadrel’s top quality labeling systems can help you overcome any packaging and labeling challenges. From flexible print and apply systems to high-speed bottle labelers, we have the tools to help you meet customer demand. Here are some of the challenges you may encounter, and the Quadrel solution to match.

Supply chain issues

The last few years have demonstrated how important the supply chain is to industry. A small disruption at the top of the chain can lead to major delays, price increases and more. When you rely on one specific type of label and machine, you could experience a packaging bottleneck.

Quadrel’s robust labeling systems can handle a variety of label types, inks, coatings and adhesives. Choosing alternative designs and materials ensures that your packaging line doesn’t have to shut down when there’s a paper, ink or other shortage.


Sustainability is a higher priority than ever. Consumers expect recyclable packaging, and labels can affect whether packaging can be repurposed. Quadrel’s labeling systems can handle nearly any type of container you choose, so you can easily switch from single-use plastics to metal, glass and paper packaging.

Labels affect packaging in two ways; First, it can interfere with melting down metal and glass. Plastic-based labels can cause problems with recycling equipment: the adhesive leaves a film on glass and metal containers. Second, stubborn labels make it difficult for consumers to reuse flexible plastic packaging. Plastic is the least-recycled packaging material. Less than 9 percent of plastics are recycled each year. Using removable adhesive labels enables customers to reuse plastic, and keeps it out of the landfill.

Product protection

The right packaging can strengthen containers and protect the product inside. Quadrel’s shrink sleeve labeling systems help manufacturers reinforce bottles and other containers. Plus, they allow designers a larger 360-degree “canvas” for their label designs, and can fit around unusually shaped containers—and why not add a tamper-evident seal for extra protection? You’ll enjoy greater design flexibility, and your products are far more likely to arrive intact and leak-free.

Product freshness

Consumers want to know whether their food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other products are fresh. Many manufacturers use a “best by” or “packaged on” label to guide proper consumption.

After your products are labeled with one of our fast, reliable labeling systems, you can use one of our adaptable print and apply labelers to add dated labels. Alternatively, choose a print and apply system which can add dated material to pre-printed labels.

Whichever Quadrel labeling system you choose, you’re guaranteed to enjoy superior quality, speed and reliability. We pride ourselves on creating solutions to common labeling and packaging problems.

Not sure which Quadrel system is right for your business? Reach out to our helpful staff for more information. We can guide you to a solution that will meet your needs. Call or e-mail today to get started.