‘Connected’ Labels Are the Future of Packaging

‘Connected’ Labels Are the Future of Packaging

“Connected” packaging combines modern technology with traditional labeling machinery. Using RFID tags, near-field communications (NFC) and barcodes and QR codes, connected labels link the physical product to an online experience. This can be used to collect data about consumers and point customers to your company website or promotional materials.

Quadrel’s innovative pressure-sensitive and print-and-apply labeling machines work with RFID and NFC labels, which are now available through many label vendors. Why not take your packaging to the next level with connected labels and packaging?

What can connected labels do?

Traditional labels do two main things: catch consumer attention and convey information about the product and manufacturer. Connected labels take that idea a step further. Using RFID tags, NFC chips and barcodes/QR codes, a consumer can be linked to a company’s online presence through their smartphone’s camera or contactless payment system.

Depending on the type of product you’re packaging, connected labels open up a whole new multimedia experience. Instead of trying to cram everything onto a label, you can provide myriad “bonus” features. For instance, scanning a tag or barcode could send the consumer to a video on how to assemble their new furniture. Link food and beverage customers with recipes, or encourage them to follow your brand on social media. If you’re interested in customer feedback and encouraging further purchases, connected labels can make it easy to direct consumers to surveys, loyalty programs and more information about your company’s mission.

On top of that, it also helps your company collect data. Every time a consumer engages with a connected label, you’ll receive information about when and where that engagement happened. The more information they provide—whether through social media follows, customer surveys or another method—the better your ability to identify your customer base and direct marketing opportunities.

Tips for creating connected labels

To maximize customer interaction, your connected labels need to be thoughtful and well-designed. Here are some tips to make the most of your labels:

  • Have a game plan: First, decide what you want to accomplish with your connected packaging. This will determine what kind of label you’ll need, where you want to send the customer and what they will get out of the interaction. For example, if you want to track where your products end up, unique barcodes and QR codes can be generated with a print-and-apply machine.
  • Make it eye-catching: Your customer has to notice the label in order to interact with it. Work with a design team to ensure the connected label is obvious and inviting.
  • Consider the consumer: Finally, consider how the consumer might use their phone to interact with the product and label. This will determine label placement and size. Ideally, your consumer should be able to hold the product in one hand and scan the label with their phone—so they should be “readable” from six to 12 inches away.

Quadrel offers high quality pressure sensitive and print-and-apply labeling systems compatible with connected labels. Reach out today to learn more about our products.