Should You Include Hang Tabs on Your Product Packaging?

Should You Include Hang Tabs on Your Product Packaging?

When it comes to making your product stand out from the crowd, product placement is everything. Adding hang tabs can improve your placement: they allow retailers to display items at eye level, making it easier for consumers to spot and purchase your goods.

Quadrel’s hang tab application systems help product packagers and manufacturers improve their placement potential at speeds of up to 100 items per minute. Here’s what to consider when you decide whether hang tabs are right for you.

What is a hang tab?

Some products can be easily lined up or stacked on shelves, like beverage bottles or electronics boxes. Others are better suited for hanging up on racks. Hang tabs are small paper or plastic tabs attached to the top of a package, with slots, holes or hooks. These allow retailers to neatly display smaller items at eye level. They’re commonly used for items like drugstore makeup and accessories, small home goods, over-the-counter medications and other common items.

Hang tabs can be built into the product packaging by perforating the package material. They can also be applied to existing packaging, either by hand or with the help of industrial hang tab applicators. Some hang tabs are perforated. Once a consumer has purchased the product, they can easily remove the hang tab in order to gift wrap the item.

Quadrel’s hang tab applicators are designed to work with Do-It Corporation hang tabs. These are clear plastic tabs attached with a strong adhesive, suitable for both flat and cylindrical containers.

Should you use hang tabs on your packaging?

Hang tabs offer two key benefits. First, they’re easy to apply and unobtrusive, especially clear plastic hang tabs. They won’t interfere with existing package design—no need for you to reinvent your packaging.

Second, hang tabs open up product placement opportunities. Retailers often use checkout aisles to vertically display small items on peg boards, display strips and hanging racks. These displays encourage impulse purchases by keeping the products face-forward and at eye level, where consumers are more likely to see them as they wait. Even if your products can also be stacked and shelved, adding hang tabs makes your packaging more versatile.

Because hang tabs come in multiple sizes and strengths, they can be added to many different products. Some hang tabs can support products weighing over a pound. As you consider adding hang tabs, make sure to weigh each product, including the packaging, then find the right hang tab to suit your needs.

Finally, consider whether retailers are likely to use vertical displays for your product type. For instance, even if you could find a hang tab strong enough to support a container of motor oil, it’s highly unlikely that shops will overhaul their displays for a single product.

For more information about Quadrel’s hang tab applicators, including custom solutions, reach out to our team today.