Choosing the Right Labeling System for Your Craft Brewery

Choosing the Right Labeling System for Your Craft Brewery

There are thousands of craft breweries operating in the United States. Over the last two decades, the American public has embraced quality beer.

With quality beer comes the need for a quality labeling system. While many breweries start out hand-applying labels, their success may make that impractical—and expensive. Quadrel offers craft beer, wine and distilled spirits labeling systems. These machines are designed for myriad glass, plastic bottles and cans. Depending on the machine you choose, you can apply front and back labels, wrap labels or neck labels. You’ll be able to improve your packaging while saving time and manpower.

Here are some tips to choose the right labeling machine for your craft brewery.

What kind of labeling system do you need?

Finding the right labeling system for your brewery depends on how you package your beer. Whether you use aluminum cans or glass bottles, Quadrel has a labeling system that will meet your needs.

Labeling machines generally come in three categories: manual, automatic and semi-automatic. Manual labeling takes more time, and requires an employee to work the labeling line. The worker must load and apply each individual label, which can be time-consuming. Semi-automatic machines are usually operated by a hand or foot switch. They require a worker to load the bottles or cans, then press a button to apply the label. This is faster than manual labeling, but still requires more time than automatic systems. Finally, automatic systems are faster and more efficient: our automatic labeling systems can process over 350 bottles per minute.

Semi-automatic and automatic labeling systems can improve productivity by up to 500 percent. While most breweries are started without a large upfront investment, purchasing the right labeling system can send your production capacity skyrocketing.

Quadrel’s beer can and bottle labeling systems

Choose from these robust labeling systems:

  • EconoLine beer bottle labeling system: This wrap labeling system can label up to 120 bottles per minute. The applicator is stepper-driven, and features stainless steel construction and components. This is a great system to invest in when you’re ready to step up from manual labeling.
  • Beer, wine and spirits high speed labeling system: Our high speed beer labeling system can handle up to 200 bottles per minute. The system features a color touchscreen and programmable bottle platforms, making it easy for you to switch between product lines.
  • Beer can and bottle labeling system: This automatic, high speed system can handle up to 350 round containers per minute. The color touchscreen, Ethernet-driven system status and overhead electronics makes it easy to operate and monitor production. When you’re ready to take your brewery to the next level, our bottle and can labeling system can help you boost production.
  • Mobile EconoLine wrap labeling system: Finally, our Iron Heart 2020 Q105 system is designed for beer cans and bottles. It’s mobile, with custom leg jacks and larger castors. Wherever your brewery moves, take your labeling system along with you. This system handles up to 50 cans or bottles per minute—perfect for smaller product runs.

To learn more or purchase your own Quadrel labeling system, reach out to us today.