What to Consider Before Purchasing a Labeling System

What to Consider Before Purchasing a Labeling System

Labeling systems are major purchases for any manufacturing facility. Before you decide on exactly which system to purchase, it’s important to conduct a site survey and be clear on your labeling goals and needs. In fact, this should be your first step in the process: it saves time for your company in the long run, and helps sales reps match you with the perfect equipment.

Here’s what to consider before starting the labeling machine purchase process.

Space considerations

“Location, location, location” isn’t just for real estate. It also applies to your manufacturing facilities, whether you’re a small startup business or a major corporation. Where will your machine be placed?

Logistical design can be tailored to fit most spaces, as long as it comes up early in the process. There will be occasions where a labeling system—plus enough space for an operator—simply cannot fit in a warehouse. However, Quadrel’s experienced team can make suggestions to get the features you need in the space you have.

Space considerations include, but are not limited to conveyor speed, height, width and length, how the machine is configured, product size, weight and flow and infeed/outfeed transfer requirements. In turn, you’ll also need to consider the product size, weight and temperature. These factors can make a difference in which machine to use, and how much space it requires.

Product and label considerations

Your product type and packaging will make a big difference in which labeling machines can achieve your goals.

First, consider the product’s size, packaging, weight and temperature—then compare that to the label size, material, detail and placement. For example, pressure-sensitive labeling machines work well for bottles and cans. On the other hand, shrink-sleeve labeling systems may be a better fit, especially if you want to add tamper-proof seals and take advantage of 360-degree design opportunities.

Similarly, you should consider how often your labels will need to change. For example, print-and-apply systems are excellent for products which require individual QR codes or barcodes. If you’re not sure which labeling systems can meet your needs, Quadrel’s representatives can help you find or create a custom solution.

Speed considerations

Finally, labeling speed impacts which system to choose. While some labeling machines can print at lightning-quick speeds, that’s not always the best solution. Speed doesn’t just affect how many products you can label per minute or hour. It also affects resolution (important for barcodes), accuracy, safety and affordability. Even if a specific system can label hundreds of products per hour, it’s not always in your best interest to pick the fastest model.

When deciding on speed, consider how fast your packaging process is: if your packaging system only supports a hundred products per minute, it might not make sense to opt for an ultra-high-speed labeling machine.

Quadrel’s high quality, customizable labeling systems ensure you get the exact product you need—one which will complement your existing equipment and fit in your facility. For more information, reach out to us today.