R220 Remote Powered Label Unwind System

The R220 label and shrink sleeve unwind is ideally suited for supplying labels and shrink sleeves to all Quadrel Labeling Heads and Shrink Sleeve Systems.  Labels are unwound into the label bin and pulled out of the bin by the labeling head.  When the bin is empty, the R220 unwind system fills the bin automatically.

As the label supply depletes, the remaining portion of the label roll is unwound into the bin and a warning indicator illuminates to inform the operator to prepare a label splice; all this happens while the labeling system remains running.



  • Dual 20″ label unwind capacity (choice of 3 or 6 inch core standards)
  • Low Label detection with amber lamp
  • Variable speed direct drive 1/4hp gear motor
  • Programmable Logic Controller
  • Low static web path
  • Available with Ionized Air Blowers for static prone labels
  • Available with an industrial Splice Tape dispenser
  • System status IO for labeling head integration
  • 1/2″ anodized aluminum and stainless steel construction
SKU R220
Speed 4000″/min
Max Product Height 7″ wide web capacity