Print & Apply Corner Wrap labeling System

Quadrel’s Corner Wrap printer applicator is a rugged print and apply system designed for the most demanding variable information labeling requirements for high-speed leading panel to side applications.  This applicator prints and applies labels to various products, shipping cases and pallets with products rates up to 30 products per minute and comes standard with low label detection, end-of-web detection and printer faults with two light stack lamp.

  • 5/8″ thick anodized aluminum side plate construction
  • Straight  label web path
  • RFID ready
  • Microprocessor controls with 50 programmable product presets
  • Modular chassis for ease of debug and maintenance
  • Integrated printer fault monitoring with stack lamp
  • Optional General Purpose IO interface
  • Quick disconnect sensors and pneumatics
  • Integrated photoelectric product detect sensor
  • Machined U-Mount style mounting yoke