A printer-applicator is an innovative way for companies and businesses to instantaneously create and apply labels, barcodes, and graphical designs to a wide variety of products. The process by which this is accomplished is quite apparent in the name itself: Printer-Applicator.


When we think of a printer we generally picture a blank piece of paper immediately transforming into a beautiful work of words and images with the simple push of a button. This is known as desktop publishing (printing). This is in a simplistic sense the first process that occurs through our printer-applicator machines. The difference however is that while the average person uses desktop publishing, our advanced printer-applicator machines use what is called thermal transfer printing.

Thermal transfer printing involves applying ink or other materials to paper or plastic labels by melting a coating of ribbon that glues the ink to the material it was applied to. We use thermal transfer printing to quickly create an unlimited amount of labels, barcodes, and graphical designs which can then be applied to a variety of products all with the push of a button.


Once a label is created, it can then be promptly applied to a variety of products through precise printer-applicator machines. Quadrel offers six applicator modules each with specific configurations to accomplish: pallet labeling, high-speed corner wrapping, food package labeling, front and back labeling (small promotional cartons), pail and container labeling, and wraparound labeling.

We take two innovative technologies and combine them into one label applicator machine and one great solution.