EXPO PACK Mexico 2014 – RECAP

EXPO PACK Mexico 2014 – RECAP

EXPO PACK Mexico 2014

On June 17 – 20, 2014, nearly thirty-thousand customers and buyers from over thirty countries around the world gathered to attend this year’s EXPO PACK in Centro Banamex, Mexico City. EXPO PACK creates a unique synergy between the thousands of visitors and the one thousand companies displaying their products, collectively covering a total of two hundred thousand square feet.

EXPO PACK allows its exhibitors to represent their company and display their machinery directly to end users and brand owners due to the fact that 29% of attendees are company owners, CEOs, or Presidents. This makes EXPO PACK unique because it allows for deep discussion with big players of the industry unlike other traditional trade shows.

As the EXPO PACK trade show has continued to grow each year, many companies began to participate due to the positive experience, exposure, and benefits that were clearly present. Among this year participating companies, was our very own Quadrel Labeling Systems.

Quadrel was well positioned at this year’s trade show due to the fact that 42% of attendee’s primary business involves the packaging of food and beverages; an industry Quadrel has serviced with labeling machines for many years. Additionally, 57% of buyers at EXPO PACK are looking for packaging technologies, something Quadrel specializes in due to our innovative products and labeling technologies.

This year was just as successful as year’s past, as Quadrel featured its EconoLine Wrap Inline Labeling System. Our representatives talked with many visitors from a variety of different manufacturing markets including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care, chemical, automotive, and textile industries. Additionally, we received visitors from system integrators, label and sleeve producers interested in access to our equipment for their customers.

Our EconoLine Wrap Inline Labeling System received a lot of interest and success at the trade show due to its stainless steel construction and microprocessor control with speeds up to one hundred products per minute.

This year’s EXPO PACK in Mexico resulted in promising business opportunities, newfound relationships, and another memorable experience for Quadrel Labeling Systems. We would like to give a personal thanks to all those who made EXPO PACK possible, and we look forward to next year!