Drinks Bottled By Quadrel, Who Knew?

Drinks Bottled By Quadrel, Who Knew?

Since 1989, Quadrel has provided innovative label applicator systems that have serviced a broad range of industries: pharmaceuticals, packaging and shipping, food and bakery, and beverages. You may be surprised to learn that Quadrel provides various labeling machines that help promote many of the beverages we know and love today. Some of these beverages include the water we drink on a hot summer’s day, the sport drinks that hydrate our kids during a soccer game, the beer we share with friends at the end of a long day, the milk we pour on our morning cereal, and the wine we purchase on a special occasion. Quadrel’s innovative labeling systems are continually changing the way we live by influencing what we purchase at stores, businesses, and industries throughout the country. This is evident when we take a closer look at the work and technology that goes into labeling the beverages we enjoy every day.

Beer and Wine Bottle Edition

Plastic bottles and containers is only one of the many industries Quadrel’s labeling systems service. Quadrel is also heavily involved in assisting wine and beer brewers/manufactures label their glass bottled products with over 6 different label applicator systems.

Economically Priced Wrap Around Labeling System – Speeds up to 100 products per minute, variable speed wrap station, encoder based speed compensation, and microprocessor control flash memory.

Front/Back/Neck and Wrap Labeling System – Speeds up to 250 products per minute, 12-tool rotary base, 2 high speed label applicators, nonstop “zero downtime” production, and full safety guarding with interlock.

Wine Bottle Labeling System – Speeds up to 35 products per minute, designed for wineries with challenging export business, 3-roller index module, high speed stepper driven labeling heads, and stainless steel construction.

Wine/Distilled Spirits Labeling System – 3-panel pneumatic assembly, extended infeed/outfeed, pacing belt, UV sensors, thermal transfer printers, laser imprinters, and hot stamp imprinters.

Vac-Wrap 2000 Labeling System – Speeds up to 160 products per minute, vacuum wrap station, full guarding with interlock, vision system integration, thermal transfer printer, laser printer, inkjet printer, and bar code scanner.

Quadrel’s dedication to service their clients in the beverage industry has proven itself by the overwhelming satisfaction its customers have experienced. You can experience the same quality products and services Quadrel has to offer in the beverage industry, and many of the other industries that utilize our label applicator machines and products. Call or contact us today to discover how we can assist you and your industry.