Intrinsically Safe Class 1 Div 2

The “intrinsically safe” system is designed to apply front/back and wrap labels to products in an explosive or hazardous environment at speeds up to 250 products per minute.  The “Intrinsically Safe” classification is met through the use of intrinsically safe apparatus such as; Class 1, Division 2 conveyor drive, labeler and wrap station motors.  All wiring is run through sealed rigid conduit with potting at the termination points to maintain classification.  The pressurized electronic control cabinet utilizes Class 1, Division 2 regulators, valves and fault monitors.  The entire system is fabricated on a stainless steel frame and conveyor with anti-static tabletop chain guide rails and most importantly label web path.

Though the system is built to these exacting standards, it remains very flexible and simple to operate.  A sealed touch screen operator interface gives the operator simple access to the controls necessary to operate and maintain the labeler.  The integrated top hold down conveyor, product aligners and wrap station make change over simple and tool free.  The system is designed to handle squares, rounds and ovals with minimal downtime.

If your labeling requirement requires this type of machinery, Quadrel has a working relationship with UL to ensure your machinery meets or exceeds your hazardous classification.  Consult our customer service manager for more details.