10 Characteristics of a Great Product Label

10 Characteristics of a Great Product Label

10 Characteristics of a Great Product Label

Product packaging is one of the first aspects of your brand that consumers will notice. Using our custom labeling systems, grab their attention with a unique and professional label. We have come up with a few ideas to help make your product label pop!

1. Use Clear Images
The most important attributes of products should be the most obvious to customers. Using pictures to represent your products is often faster and more effective than using a large amount of text.

2. Apply Bold Colors
Vividly showcase your brand using bold colors that allow your product to stand out among the rest. However, keep in mind that bright colors do not always mean bold colors. It is sometimes very difficult to read neon yellow or green. Bold colors stand out against the background and bring the consumers eyes right to your product.

3. Include Fun Facts
If you are specifically targeting a younger consumer group, add some fun and intrigue to your label by placing interesting facts. Quirky, amusing packaging gets shoppers interested in your brand.

4. Flaunt the Benefits
Whatever benefits your product has, flaunt them! Manufacturers can communicate this information using high-quality images and graphics, as well as short and to the point text. Promoting your brands benefits in a professional and concise manner ensures your product to stand out from the rest.

5. Be Conscious of the Fonts You Choose
Your label is a place to make your product shine! Make the font match your product. In fact, your whole design can be made up of just words with the right font design. Aside from the style, you want a font that is easy to read, both from close-up and far away.

6. Include Your Contact Information
This is the perfect place to put your website, phone number, or social media information. Consumers are much more likely to contact your business if they have contact information readily available on an item they use. Just make sure your contact information is readable and matches with the rest of the label.

7. Use Complimentary Colors
Your product and its label should be complimentary of one another. If your product is dark blue and its label is dark green, the colors clash and consumers will avoid picking it up. Clear containers and packaging help to avoid this problem. Also keep in mind the type of product you are trying to sell. Psychologically, warm tones are more energetic while cool tones are more calming.

8. Feature the Name
This one may be quite obvious, but it is definitely the most important aspect of a product label. Label designs should prominently feature the product or company name. This allows your product to be easily identifiable because it is the first thing that consumers notice. Also staying consistent with the look of your brand allows customers to quickly find exactly what they are looking.

9. Label Size and Shape
Label size and shape largely depends on the product’s packaging or container. Also separating front and back labels allows you to brand the front, while providing sufficient information on the back. The shape of your label, especially the front label, can help draw attention to your product.

10. Don’t Forget the Barcode
Barcodes are portions of the label that tell electronic scanners about your product. They are also used to help companies track inventory, and make it easier for a product to be sold in all different types of store.